Got one of these in a trade recently.... it is in pretty bad condition and a candidate for rehab!

I can only make out the letter "A" after Model No. on the chassis. It utilizes a 6X5 glass tube rectifier and 6J5, 6AG7 and a 6SJ7 - all black, metal jacketed.

Plugged it in to a current limiter to see if the tubes would light, etc. The large blue (enameled) resistor in the center of the attached pic started flashing on each end.

Well I removed it and I can't read the value... so a schematic or even an educated guess would be helpful. This resistor comes from pin 8 on 6X5 rectifier and ties into the filter cap can, along with a wire from the OT.



Update: I put in a 2k2 5 watt resistor and powered it up! I'm getting a bit of crackling thru the speakers, but no sound with an instrument plugged in.


My In-Circuit capacitor tester suggests all the caps are OK. At least no shorts, uf values not withstanding....


So now it is off to the guessing game.... appreciate any help!


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